IE goes up against Roberson

SECOND UPDATE: Team Nevada Engaged did register late Monday with SOS for political activity. Registration is attached.

UPDATE: SOS told me it was same group, but Chris Dyer, who is on Team Nevada, says it is a different group. If so, not registered with SOS for political action. Team Nevada Engaged is listed on the business side, with Robert Tyree, another Pauilite, listed.

An independent expenditure group run by Ron Paul acolytes will begin airing an attack ad Tuesday against state Senate Minority Leader Michael Roberson.

The spot, which is below, uses tax and Obamacare votes to try to hurt Roberson, who is running against Carl Bunce, Paul's Nevada campaign chief in 2012.

Bunce's name is on the IE's registration, which shows how little separation there is. It would depend on whether the ad is deemed "express advoacy" if that would be frowned upon by the SOS.