Huge increase in NV voter registration in 2015 may presage caucus turnout

More voters registered in Nevada last year than in 2007 and 2011 combined, indicating a heightened level of activism as the caucuses and elections loom.

The numbers (see below) also indicate that as Democrats try to build a large lead before November that conservative groups, especially Engage NV, have done an excellent job maintaining parity. Yes, the Democrats lose more voters due to inactivations (people who can still vote but have not returned cards sent to their addresses). But the GOP-aligned folks (yes, it is technically nonpartisan) at Engage NV, started by current Republican National Committee political boss Chris Carr, are doing an excellent job.

“The Democrat and liberal group effort appears to be close to twice as big as previous cycles but the difference this presidential cycle is Engage Nevada," said one Nevada conservative insider. "Without Engage Nevada's 2015 effort the Democrats would have already had a decisive advantage going into 2016 and their presidential caucuses. Both sides are doing more, and more voters are being registered in the Silver State.” 

The Democrats can still pump up their numbers with same-day registration on Feb. 20 during the presidential caucus -- something the Republicans refused to do. But the closeness of the numbers last year have helped result in the lowest Democratic lead -- 48,000 statewide -- in many years and helps explain why The Party of Reid is doing everything to, ahem, engage voters for the caucus.

The numbers: In 2007 there were 41,482 new voters registered. In 2011 there were 42,097.  In 2015 there were 92,053 new registrations. 

The breakdown: