How Nevada could REALLY matter

I have been writing all season how much Nevada matters in the presidential race.

We have been one of a handful of battleground states all year long, and we remain a toss-up in most assessments. (I think the state leans to Obama, but that's me.)

I decided to have some fun, though, with the great site 270 to win.

I found two ways that Nevada really could matter. Take a look at these scenarios:

1. The first hypothetical involves President Obama winning Ohio but losing Florida, Colorado and most other battlegrounds. So when the networks see the polls open in the West, they call the obvious ones, leaving it....267-265, Romney, as Nevada decides who wins the presidency. See it here.

2. The second one is even more diabolical. It's the same as the other, with one little tweak: New Hampshire's four electoral votes go to Obama. So it's 269-263, Obama, coming to Nevada, which will either seal it for Obama or....send it to the House! See that one here.

Try the site yourself, and send me your scenarios, if you like.