House majority whip, Nevada GOP luminaries to appear at event with prominent local birther

UPDATED: Gov. Brian Sandoval, while on the invite, will not attend the event because of a trade mission to Mexico, his office tells me. And Rep. Mark Amodei has a "constituent event in Reno," his spokesman said. Indeed, the Republican Women of Nevada, which is hosting the event, has updated the invite to reflect only three "honored guests" now: Dean Heller, Joe Heck and....Wayne Allyn Root!

Nevada Republicans this weekend will welcome House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy to the de facto GOP headquarters, a k a The Venetian, at an event that will also feature Nevada's most prominent birther.

The "First Annual Red White & Blue Gala" features  McCarthy as the keynote speaker and promises that Gov. Brian Sandoval, Sen. Dean Heller, Reps. Joe Heck and Mark Amodei and Lt. Gov. Brian Krolicki will be there, too. And --drum roll, please -- listed at the bottom of the invite is Wayne Allyn Root, the relentlessly self-promoting former Libertarian vice presidential candidate who has implied President Obama was not at Columbia when he was supposed to be and then declared him to be a foreign exchange student.

Indeed, as recently as last month, Root declared "nobody ever met" Obama at Columbia and referred to him as "a Manchurian candidate." The piece is full of nasty insinuations and innuendo.

In a follow-up piece, Root repeated his theory, first expressed to Sean Hannity, that Obama was a foreign-exchange student at Columbia and echoes Trumpian claims about the president's college transcripts.

This is the man who will be sharing the stage with a national GOP leader and Nevada's highest elected representatives on Saturday at Sheldon Adelson's place. I hope they are proud.