Hootervillegate update: Henderson official placed an leave; Olympics letter posted

Two developments in the ongoing case of the city of Henderson and its lawsuit against Chris Milam, the would-be arena developer:

1. Dennis Porter, the city's project manager for the Milam project, has been placed an administrative leave after Mayor Andy Hafen's deposition. In the depo, Hafen is confronted with a document that indicates Porter forwarded an email from City Attorney Josh Reid to his home GMail and then sent it on to Milam's attorney. The email apparently talked about Milam dealing in bad faith with the city. Porter also is revealed in the deposition to have solicited other developers for the BLM sale after agreeing to nominate Milam for the purchase.

Both issues seemed to surprise Hafen. Porter was placed on leave shortly thereafter. A spokesman said he was suspended "due to information brought up in the litigation proceedings."

2. Also revealed during the mayor's depsoition was a letter he wrote in August of 2011 to try to get Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's help in securing the Olympics, essentially using Milam and his project as collateral. I have posted the letter here.

One humorous note: The Olympics were being sought eight years hence by the VEGAS 2020 committee. I'm sure "Henderson" could have been substituted later.

By the way, Reid's office finds no record he ever responded.