Heller's "evolution" on same-day registration intact

Dean Heller 1.0 was this anti-Establishment secretary of state, proposing what he called "Election Day registration" to increase voter participation.

Dean Heller 2.0 was the super-conseravtive congressman and appointed U.S. senator, whose spokesman said ugly partisan politics prompted a Heller evolution that changed his position to opposing same-day registration.

Dean Heller 3.0 is the newly minted full-term senator, who is considering tax increases and immigration reform, but not....same-day registration.

Heller 3.0 was nicely encapsulated today in a piece by the Review-Journal's Steve Tetreault, which contains that nugget about same-day registration well into the story.

It was just a short nine years ago when Heller was showing passion for same-day registration. The man just defies labels, which is why No Labels loves him.

I think No Labels missed it, though. Heller is The Man of Many Labels.

That's what "evolution" will do for you.