Heller has $1 million more on hand than Berkley in U.S. Senate race

The third-quarter numbers:

Sen. Dean Heller: $1.9 raised, $1.9 on hand

Rep. Shelley Berkley: $1.65 raised, $925,000 on hand

So Berkley has spent a lot more than Heller to try to keep the race close (mission accomplished) and compete with all of that outside money. It also explains why the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has sent some cavalry.

I wonder if Team Heller wonders whether he should have spent more earlier to try to entomb Berkley. I am pretty sure that the Heller folks will think her fundraising number that explains the leaking this week of that Mellman poll showing her up 3.

Remember that the period this covers ended two weeks ago. But Berkley needs money -- and fast.