Heck "surveys" constituents on Obamacare

Rep. Joe Heck is capitalizing on the growing unpopularity of Obamacare with one of those franked emails to his district seeking opinions on the health care law but really designed to drive opinions:

In light of the recent problems with the healthcare law rollout, what do you think Congress should do about the Affordable Care Act?

Fully repeal the law and begin working on a replacement mechanism

Delay the individual mandate that fines people who don't purchase insurance

Allow people with health insurance to keep their current plans

Repeal the law and do not enact a replacement plan

I guess he forgot to include: "Give the law time to work"

Heck spokesman Greg Lemon pointed out the survey was approved by the bipartisan Franking Commission, and added: "There could be a number of other choices. It's always hard to narrow down choices. That said, I think it's a fairly non-partisan survey."

Uh huh.