Hansen: I'm a victim of "character assassination"

Yeah, that's it: Ira Hansen is being bullied and his character impugned by, you know, anyone who has read his horrific columns, terrible letter about gays and words during the session.

Looks like he's going the circle-the-wagons route to solidfy support: This went out today from the speaker-to-be-maybe (I removed his phone number) -- who is this "they" of which he speaks (they sound bad):

Hey everybody - thanks for hanging in there. Your support has been truly a blessing. Thought you might enjoy some positive press. I have gotten an overwhelming amount of emails and phone calls to my cell and business phone asking me to not give up because in doing so the politics of character assassination win.



P..S  No matter who is Speaker, count on it - they will try and trash us. We need to stand up to these bully tactics.

If any of you have any concerns please call me.