GOP attorneys general group tries to rescue Adam Laxalt

The Republican Attorneys General Association has produced an ad for attorney general hopeful Adam Laxalt, an attempt to define him in other ways than a devastating law firm evaluation that described him as a "train wreck."

The RJ's Laura Myers reported the buy as $200,000 (there's nothing in the public files of the Vegas network stations yet), and Laxalt used the same number in Fallon on Labor Day as he told people RAGA was coming to help. Laxalt's viability, we have always known, is dependent on outside money against Democratic Secretary of State Ross Miller.

The ad, which you can see below, smartly uses popular Gov. Brian Sandoval, who, I'd guess, will be used to help many a GOP candidate this cycle. (Sandoval has been silent since the law firm review was released.)

Apparently Sandoval needs Laxalt to "fight against Obama's federal overreach," although it's hard to tell what he is talking about. The ad repeats the claim Laxalt made last week in his attempt to deflect attention from the Lewis & Roca evaluation, saying he proescuted "thousands" of war criminals. (Note the disclaimer: "Military images and information do not imply endorsement by Departments of Defense or Navy.")

After the law review became public, Myers was given parts of Laxalt's military reviews, which were glowing

My favorite part of the ad: "In the private sector, Laxalt represented private busiensses as they rebuilt our economy." Oh? Do tell.