The GOP Ass. Caucus begins to cannibalize

Perhaps the most amazing thing about the latest drama among Assembly Republicans is that Michele Fiore has nothing to do with it.

After a series of spirited (euphemism alert) caucus meetings during the last week, in which Victoria Seaman read a prepared statement during one and Ira Hansen suggested if she were a man he would have punched her, the situation esclated Thursday to separate statements from caucus leaders and Seaman, in which she demanded a public apology from Hansen and criticized her leaders' response.

You can't make this stuff up.

Because I believe history cannot live without these important documents recorded for posterity, I give you Seaman's prepared speech in the private meeting and the two news releases.

Seaman's prepared remarks

I understand that bills die, get killed, but what should never happen to a bill that 

is supported unanimously by our own party, and is a good bill, is to get killed out 

of a personal vendetta or spite by the Chair. That is what happened to AB 282 on 

Friday.   My bill was killed by the Chair because I walked out of a work session 

meeting with our committee on Friday out of frustration that my voice was not 

being heard and I was not given the opportunity by the Chair to speak on a 

different bill. 

It did not start there.   My bill, AB 282, was months of long, hard work with two 

constituents in my District; Attorney Michael Brooks and Real Estate expert Mark 

Rowley. We have been working on a way to get lenders back into Nevada due to 

numerous past bills, and legislation that stifled the recovery in Nevada.

AB282 was heard on Friday, April 3, 2015 in Judiciary, with Michael Brooks flying 

up to Carson City and Mark Rowley testifying in Las Vegas.  George Ross, among 

others, testified in favor.  When the bill did not come up for a vote, I asked my 

Chair, Ira Hansen, why?   He stated he wanted to amend it to get rid of the 

Homeowners Mediation Program.   I stated to him that I heard there was no 

money to continue the program, therefore, I did not want to amend it for fear it 

might not pass.  He insisted and did the amendment.   When it did not come up 

for another work session, I again asked why?   He stated that he heard there was 

no money for the mediation, so he was taking his amendment out.   He said he 

wanted to amend another part of the bill, and I explained it would not solve the 

problem we are encountering with lenders.   This is my profession and my 

expertise, real estate.  Ira then stated he could just put the bill in the drawer.   I 

said nothing and left.   When I saw him on the floor I stated to Ira, yes I know you 

can kill my bill, but I did not want it amended anymore.  AB282 is a good bill and 

we had unanimous Republican support on the bill. 

This past Friday was a contentious day and in a Commerce and Labor meeting, 

one of my colleagues walked into the Republican meeting in the Chair’s office, 

used foul language and fought with the Chair. While I do not condone this 

behavior, I admire the fact that the Chair did not kill her bill because of a personal 

vendetta or out of spite.   He put her bill up for a vote in work session because it 

was a good bill for the state of Nevada. 

On Friday, when I stated I was leaving our Judiciary Republican work session 

meeting in the Chair’s office, I was told by the Chair that if I left he would kill ALL 

my bills.  I left because after being threatened, belittled, and disrespected by the 

Chair all week, I needed to take a break from that meeting in his office.   Other 

colleagues of this Committee have also walked out in previous meetings when 

they were being bullied to vote for something.  I stated to the Chair, Ira that I had 

been threatened, extorted and bullied enough all week and was leaving the 

meeting.  I was called names by the Chair on my way out which was 

unprofessional and out of line.  I never used any foul language nor called anyone 


After cooling off, I went to the work session where Ira Hansen let Democrat bills 

that were not even finished, out of committee. He was adjourning when my 

colleagues asked about AB 282 and he stated he was not bringing it out for a work 

session, which meant it would die. 

I want to remind the Chair of Judiciary that I do not work for him nor am I an 

employee of his. I work for the people of my district and even more important the 

people of the state of Nevada. He has forgotten who he works for and has let his 

privilege of chairing, cloud his ability to work for the people. 

I stood by him when he was elected leader by us, I stood next to him in his 

tragedies and considered him a friend.   Unfortunately, his ego, power, and anger 

allowed him to do something to all of us that is irrepressible. 

I have decided after careful thought, that I will stay on in Judiciary but will not 

attend meetings in the Chair’s office.   After careful thought for the sake of this 

caucus, I will not file an ethics complaint at this time.  However, I will not hesitate 

to do so if this inappropriate behavior from the Chair happens again.

Assembly GOP release

Assembly Leadership Responds To Recent News Stories 

As anyone who has ever participated in a Nevada Legislative Session knows, the workload, stress, and 

time pressure frays both nerves and emotions. Given how hard we have all worked to keep up an 

unprecedented legislative pace, physical and emotion strain is to be expected. Sometimes emotions get the 

better of us. But we cannot let these moments distract us from our jobs or our duties.

Recently, the media reported on a verbal altercation between Assemblywoman Seaman and Assemblyman 

Hansen during a private caucus meeting.

While Assembly Republican Leadership normally does not publicly comment on what takes place in 

caucus meetings, we make the rare exception now. Neither we nor any members of our caucus condone 

threatening language—intended or otherwise—at any time or in any place.

We are resolving the matter internally, and we will continue to work together to pass good law. We are 

proud of our legislative achievements so far, and we do not intend to let up until the last moment of the 

last day of the session.

Seaman release

Response to GOP Caucus Leadership’s Failure to Satisfactorily 

Resolve Threatening Language Incident with Assemblyman Hansen 

Earlier this week I was involved in a heated dispute with Assembly Judiciary Chairman Ira Hansen over 

his decision - purely for personal, not public policy reasons – to kill a bill (AB282) I submitted for much-
needed reform in the Homeowner’s Bill of Rights. 

During the course of a testy exchange, Chairman Hansen remarked that if I was a man he’d punch me in 

the face. Of course, if he was a man he would have already apologized for the inappropriate use of such 

threatening language. He hasn’t. 

The leadership of the Republican Assembly Caucus released to the media on Thursday afternoon a 

statement related to this incident without, as agreed, providing it to me for review in advance. 

Unfortunately, that statement is insufficient and unacceptable. 

Blaming Chairman Hansen’s actions on “workload, stress and time pressure,” as well as “physical and 

emotional strain,” is inaccurate. This was the culmination of a pattern of autocratic committee 

management throughout this session and a demonstration of power to show me “who’s the boss.” 

I took this matter, privately, to caucus leaders who, rather than addressing the problem head-on, 

released a statement essentially sweeping it under the rug by claiming they were “resolving the matter

internally.” If only that was true. 

Frankly, nothing short of a public apology from Chairman Hansen for using such threatening and 

inappropriate language is acceptable. And under the circumstances I ask our caucus leaders to right this 

wrong by finding a way to bring my bill to the floor of the Assembly for consideration. Then we can put 

this matter behind us and “continue to work together to pass good law.”