Friday potpourri: Sandoval speaks Mitt's name, big rallies in Vegas on first day of early voting, LV chamber supports taxes for schools and Tom Collins gets blasted

Some nuggets to end your week:

Nugget No. 1 -- Gov. Brian Sandoval, now heading Team Nevada, sent out a pitch today for the man he endorsed but never seemed enthusiastic about:

"Washington is failing our state....We need to send Mitt Romney to the White House to get government out of the way of job creators, and to turn our state's economy around. Mitt is the right choice for getting our nation back on the right fiscal track."

See, that wasn't so hard, Gov. Sunny.

Nugget No. 2 -- SEIU and AFP, two groups who see eye to eye on nothing except the old Al Davis saying, are having big events Saturday to commeorate early voting beginning.

From an SEIU source: SEIU International President Mary Kay Henry will be here Saturday for an Early Vote Rally. She'll fire up the troops and then they'll head out to vote, and more importantly, to canvass. Henry will also be canvassing.

We're talking more than 500 people at this rally (at Cambridge Rec. Center) most of whom will be voting (at Boulevard Mall) AND canvassing after.
And AFP will be holding a concert with 3 Doors Down (I am so out of touch) way too close to my house with national boss Tim Phillips and: "Olympic Gold medalists Jackie Joyner Kersee and Chad Hedrick to celebrate American freedom and liberty!"
Oh, and Team Romney is bringing in comedian/actor Paul Rodriguez. I believe he is Hispanic.
Nugget No. 3 -- I missed the Las Vegas chamber endorsing the pay-as-you-go school plan. Good for them.

The headline:

"LV Chamber Urges Members to Support
Question 2 to Fix Schools"

Nugget No. 4 -- Finally, you don't see scathing editorials like this one too often. I wonder if Tom Collins is having a drink to forget that one.