Flores hits Lee, Kihuen in fundraising missive

Of all the faux desperate, last-minute, end-of-the-month money pitches, CD4 hopeful Lucy Flores' may have been the most interesting.

It's the first time in that race one of the Democratic primary contenders publicly attacked another one -- and she went after two of them, albeit obliquely. The missive is below, with the pertinent part italicized by me, but notice how she refers to a "millionaire" (Susie Lee) and a "candidate backed by the insitutional status quo" (Ruben Kihuen). (John Oceguera was spared because she couldn't think of a descriptive phrase or doesn't consder him a threat?)

Flores has raised little money compared to Kihuen or Lee and is not generally considered a factor in the race, although in a low-turnout primary, anything is possible. But her chutzpah, after just being supported (and happily so) by the "institutional status quo" last year (Baby, baby, where did Harry Reid's love go?) is impressive.




Nothing in life worth doing is easy. It seems that my entire life has been a series of persevering through challenges. Whether it was finally breaking the cycle of generational poverty, or establishing the first Innocence Clinic at the Boyd School of Law when I was told I'd never see that clinic there "in my lifetime," or when I was told that it "wasn't my turn" when I decided to run for the State Legislature to represent the very community that I grew up in - the very same community I'm now trying to represent in Congress. When I first stepped into this campaign, I knew it wouldn't be easy, but what I did know was that it would be worth it. That's because ever since my own life was transformed because of the power of mentorship, the power of people caring for one another, the power of investing in our communities, I knew that I had to do whatever I could to pay it forward. 
Let's be honest though, with a millionaire in this race and a candidate backed by the institutional status quo, it's clear my success is going to depend on what my success has always depended on: you. 
Our campaign is about bringing a voice to those who need it the most, and I will never stop fighting to take your voice to Congress. Giving up has never been my style, and that is the kind of reputation, perspective and work ethic I will take to Congress. This is why in the time I was in the Legislature, I was able to: 
  • Pass the most comprehensive domestic violence prevention law, the "Safe Getaway" law, that Nevada has seen in recent history
  • Reform the way we test our kids out of High School, ensuring the removal of a high-stakes proficiency exam, and establishing the lower-stakes end-of-course model that works for our students
  • Host community town halls with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and North Las Vegas Police Department to help build relationships with law enforcement and the community 
  • Host Ask-A-Lawyer town halls where myself and local attorneys provided pro-bono legal assistance for DACA-eligible young people 
  • Pass a wide-sweeping consumer protection bill that protects seniors, immigrants and other vulnerable people from those posing as lawyers and providing legal assistance without a law licence 
I'm proud to say this is just a very short list of what I was able to accomplish for our community. I was able to accomplish these things because of incredible supporters who worked alongside me when I needed them the most, and because my Dad taught me to never give up. I know that with your continued support, we are going to be successful on June 14, 2016