First ad of general election: Flores goes up in Spanish during World Cup games

In the race for governor-in-waiting, Lucy Flores is going up first, with an ad running during World Cup games, including twice during US-Germany later this week.

The ad uses the most famous player in the world and the frenzy over the sport, especially among Hispanics, to begin the process of energizing Latinos behind the Democratic nominee for lieutenant governor.  The goal (ahem) obviously is to contrast Flores' life story with her GOP foe, Mark Hutchison, who already is being portrayed by the Democrats as out of touch with Hispanics (he has vacation homes and supported Sharron Angle!).

Transcript and ad:

I want to be Leo Messi!

I’m el chichariittooooo!

I want to be Lucy Flores!


Lucy Flores didn’t have it easy. Her mom abandoned her family and Lucy fell through the cracks. But with hard work and help from mentors she graduated as a lawyer and today she’s the first Latina candidate for Lt. Governor.

It doesn’t matter where they come from, every kid deserves to reach their dreams, but it’s up to us to fight for their education.

I’m Flores!

No, I am!

UPDATE: And as I am reminded, Gov. Brian Sandoval, who does not speak Spanish but speaks Hutchoval, did something similar four years ago.