Fiore continues to explore CD3

Michele of the Thousand Gaffes and Tax Liens Fiore was in Washington, DC, this morning, making her case for Congress to Grover Norquist's "Wednesday meeting" at Americans for Tax Reform headquarters, sources confirm.

The meeting, which has been going on for decades, gives candidates a chance to show their wares to an influential conservative audience.

One source told me that Fiore made it sound as if it is a foregone conclusion that she is running for Rep. Joe Heck's seat. But Fiore, who has run and lost before in a congressional primary (2010) and has race-jumped before (2010, from state Senate to Congress), also has told people she is interested in Scott Hammond's state Senate seat. She is not exactly a "take-me-at-my-word" pol.

Her appearance at Norquist's breakfast, though, indicates a level of seriousness, if that phrase can ever be used with her, about Congress. Norquist was at the event, I'm told. And don't forget, Norquist's agent in Nevada, Chuck Muth, pulls her strings.

She could scramble an already crowded GOP field that includes the anointed Michael Roberson, the state Senate majority leader; ex-Nevada Policy Research Institute boss Andy Matthews; perennial candidate Danny Tarkanian; and Annette Teijeiro, who lost to Rep. Dina Titus last cycle.

All I can say about the possibility of Fiore in that race: Please.

And still the Democrats gently weep for a candidate.

(I reached out to Fiore for comment. Will update in the unlikely event she responds.)