Feeling blue: Dean Heller's office cuts me off

It appears that Sen. Dean Heller's office, which has at times shunned other journalists, now has put lil ole me on its "Do Not Call" list.

I have repeatedly tried to get answers to three questions this week from Team Heller, with no response from his chief of staff or top commiunication aides. I suppose Heller & Co. may be petulantly reacting to my post-election evisceration of their ridiculous braggodocio over a 12,000-vote win, as if the senator had some kind of turnout machine. Oh, boo hoo.

Harry Reid told me about 20 years ago that he wouldn't talk to me if I wrote a column he knew I was working on. I wrote it; he cut me off for two years. But guess what? I kept writing about him. Who loses in such a deal?

I have never understood why politicians employ such tactics. What does it accomplish? Yes, folks, I have a healthy ego, but this is not about me. It's just about a pointless maneuver, especially by a U.S. senator.

But no matter. I soldier on. Here are the questions I asked (I will continue to keep you informed as to what I am inquiring of The Silent Senator):

1. Has the senator changed his position on Elissa Cadish (the judge nominated by Reid) or is he thinking about doing so?

2. Has he signed blue slips for other nominees pending?

3. Why did he vote against the international disability treaty?
By the way, it's been nearly two years now since Reid has come on my program -- we are in a new quiet period. (At least Reid's folks still communciate with me and my producer, Dana Gentry. Gentry can't even get a return email from Heller's folks.)
Maybe it's me....