Everybody loves Justin: Gaming, labor, lobbyists galore on board

A failed Assembly candidate (Tom Blanchard) and a Jon Bon Jovi lookalike already have declared they are running against Justin Jones. But the lack of a formidable foe hasn't stopped the state senator who won by a whisker in 2012 from trying to get anointed early in the cycle.

As you can see from the invitation below, lobbyists from nearly every major special interest in Carson City have signed up to host an event for Jones, who won by 300 votes last cycle and is the No. 1 GOP legislative target in 2014. (I assume state Sen. Michael Roberson, who wants his title changed to "majority leader," has not yet begun to recruit.)

Gaming, mining, Realtors, trial lawyers, labor, NV Energy and the chamber -- oh my!

I guess the election is over because none of these folks or their clients will think of hedging their bets next year by contributing to someone running against Jones. Put another way: Will they still love him tomorrow?

Or a year from now?