Downtown properties brace for Culinary protest, send out missive on 15-cent increase for health insurance/pension

Remember that Culinary protest I told you about taking place Saturday on the same day as a celebration by the busiensses?

A group of casinos are informing their employees -- a version of what is below was also sent in Spanish -- of their side of the story. Check it out (I agreed to remove any names):


As you know right after the signing of the current labor contract with the Culinary Union under which you received ($) increases yearly, business downtown including our properties suffered the worst decrease in history.  As a result of this we have struggled for the past five (5) years to keep our heads above water and maintain your jobs, although we have yet to return to the business levels we had before the downturn.


              All of our Team Members know the hard times and losses we all had during the term of the Agreement. We and other downtown properties did not sit around waiting for a turnaround in business. Together with other properties and organizations dedicated to a revival of downtown, we have implemented many programs and improved our facilities. In spite of money being tight we took these actions to benefit all Team Members many of whom have dedicated a lifetime of service to our facilities.


                Our collective bargaining agreement had a one year reopener this year. We like other properties thought that because of the struggle we remain in that the union would not request any monetary increases and wait until the contracts expire next May.


                 Unfortunately your Union thinks otherwise. Local 226 is demanding a 15 Cent increase for Pension and Welfare. We know they will tell you it’s a very minimal increase, WRONG. It is a lot of money to properties such as ours where we pinch pennies everyday to maintain our business. They have already scheduled a demonstration for a very special night for Downtown Saturday, October 13, 2012.  Part of the Plan is to block access to Fremont Street and thus ruin a very busy and Special night. This results in a loss of revenue for all of us. Maybe you should ask the Union to compensate the tipped employees for their losses. I am sure they did not give any thought to the losses you will suffer.  Just like they gave no thought to publicizing our proposal that we submitted to them. Although we are very upset at this unethical action it is not surprising based on past actions on behalf of the Union.


                 All of you have the right to inform the leadership of the Union that disagreements over contract proposals belong at the bargaining table not on the street.  In these tough economic times every penny counts in all of our budgets. Please don't sit back and allow the Union to hurt our facilities. Remember, the Union did not invest a dime in our recovery efforts. All they did for you were to collect dues. Every wage increase and the money to buy your Health Insurance comes directly from XXXXX. I would appreciate your help to try and stop this ill timed action on behalf of the Union on Saturday, October 13, 2012.