District, county breakdowns of presidential, Senate votes, courtesy of DailyKos

The well-known site DailyKos has broken down Nevada's presidential and Senate race votes by legislative district, congressional district and by county.

One finding premium subscribers to this site already know: Dean Heller won CD3, 49-43, over Shelley Berkley, an ominous portent for Democratic National Committeewoman Erin Bilbray.


►Berkley and Heller were essentially tied in Justin Jones' pivotal state Senate district. President Obama won it by 9 percentage points.

►Heller won by 5 percentage points in Barbara Cegavske's pivotal, open state Senate seat, which has turned Democratic. The presidential race was a dead heat.

►Heller won Michael Roberson's Senate district by 7, and Obama barely lost it to Mitt Romney.

Much more. Fantastic resource: