Developer's attorney to Henderson: Don't use us to make your case

In a tart letter to Henderson City Attorney Josh Reid, attorney Todd Bice has essentially admonished the city not to use his client, Juliet Corp., to make its case against would-be stadium developer Chris Milam.

The letter, attached here, is also not good for Milam because it says, contrary to news reports, that Juliet never made a deal with him because of what it discovered after doing its due diligence. (Bice was involved in Milam's dealings with the Hard Rock, which did not end well for the Texas developer.)

But Juliet clearly is upset about being used as a bludgeon by Henderson to imply Milam had a deal with a residential developer while claiming to want to build a stadium/arena complex. (The truth is a residential component always was part of the plan.)

Bice essentially wants the city to make clear to the ocurt that Juliet never had a deal -- only a nonbinding letter of intent while it explored Milam's background -- and to not tell reporters Juliet had an agreement with Milam.