Dems file complaint against ex-GOP Assemblywoman Gansert, say she illegally disposed of campaign funds

UPDATE: Lest you think the timing was an accident, the Democrats filed this on the eve of a hearing on Hickey and Brower's bill that was inspired by ex-Democratic Speaker Barbara Buckley. Tit for tat? Ya think?

A former Democratic Party chairman has filed a complaint alleging former GOP Assemblywoman Heidi Gansert illegally kept campaign funds, then funneled them to a PAC she controlled and then disbursed the money.

The complaint, field today by ex-Washoe Democratic Party Chairman Chris Wicker, alleges Gansert kept more than $100,000 in unpsent campaign contributions after she left office in November 2010. (She later served as Gov. Brian Sandoval's chief of staff.)

Then, in October 2011, Gansert gave most of her unspent cash -- about $74,000 -- to a PAC called Nevadans First, which was controlled by....Heidi Gansert.

Wicker, who is still a spokesman for the Washoe party, sent his complaint to the secretary of state's election integrity task force, saying Gansert took too long to dispose of the money and then chose a vehicle disallowed by the law.

Wicker also essentially makes a "fruit of the poisonous tree" argument, too, saying anyone who received cash from Gansert, including Assembly Minority Leader Pat Hickey and state Sen. Greg Brower, should be held to account.

That may be a little much, but it's clear the Democrats want to cast a wide net.

(Photo courtesy of the Las Vegas Review-Journal.)