Democrats stretch to pound Heller on "these people" remark; Democratic Hispanic "leaders" willing to act outraged

On Thursday evening in the U.S. Senate debate sponsored by the Nevada Broadcasters Association, Sen. Dean Heller responded to a question about immigration thusly:

"Let’s go back to the question itself. And the key is that I want to make sure that everybody succeeds that’s here in this country -- that’s the goal. That’s why we continue to push English. I think English is important in order to have success here in this country. We talk about immigration reform. I think that’s one thing my opponent and I can agree on, is that we need immigration reform here in this country. But if you want to come here, should you have to pay thousands of dollars? To hire a lawyer? Should you have to wait years in order to immigrate? So the principles that I’m trying to support is trying to make these people succeed. I want them to succeed here in this country."

I just watched a DVR of the debate and the first question on the issue from moderator Mitch Fox was about Heller's positions to limit election ballots and student applications to English-only, support English-as-official-language legislation and end birthright citizenship. He didn't deny any of those positions and gave his standard "let's all get along" response. 

So now you have the usual suspects -- ambitious legislators such as Lucy Flores and Ruben Kihuen, who are only too happy to let Democrtats tap into their Latino roots to win votes  -- willing to be used. At some point, do any of -- dare I say it? -- these people have any shame?

Heller has to live with the positions Fox cited and his opposition to the DREAM Act and some inflammatory statements about illegal immigration. And he is attempting to sound more moderate on those issues now that he wants to keep that Senate seat. But this is just nonsense designed to inflame Hispanic voters and solidify a base Berkley badly needs and has not dominated in most polls I have seen.

By the way, Team Heller has released two videos of Berkley using similar verbiage -- one recently at Hispanics in Politics and another from 1999.