Democrats massacre Republicans on first day of early voting in urban areas

UPDATE: Democrats also decisively defeated Republicans in first round of absentee ballots, usually a GOP strength, posted in Clark County: 8,976-7,448, or 46-38. So raw number in Clark so far: Dems, 27,364-17,036. That's 52-32, or 5 points above the registration edge.

So: After one day -- remember it's only one day! -- using absentees and early votes in Clark and early votes in Washoe (don't have absentees yet), the Democrats have an 11,000-vote lead statewide. Let's see where we go from here. The gap will close. By how much is the big question.

The early-vote numbers show a 26 percent edge in Clark County and 10 percent in Washoe County. That's about a 10,000-vote lead in Washoe and Clark combined.

The Clark numbers: 55-29, or 18,388-9,588 (Actual registration: 46-31)

The Washoe numbers: 48-38, or 4,604-3,619 (Actual registration: 38-38)

Yes, it's only one day. But if it continues like this, Nov. 6 is going to be a very bleak day for Republicans in this state.

Here is link to Clark numbers.