Democrats lose ground to Republicans in Clark County after voter deactivations

Democrats lost ground in key areas of Clark County last week when more than 14,000 voters were taken off the active rolls.

According to figures I have obtained from Clark County, here is some of what happened, including in those three key state Senate districts, all of which could be close:

►Senate District 8 (Patricia Farley vs. Marilyn Dondero Loop): GOP gained 100.

Senate District 9 (Justin Jones vs. Becky Harris): GOP gained 149.

Senate District 20 (Michael Roberson vs. Teresa Lowry): GOP gained 73

Those numbers may not seem like much. But these races will be intensely fought, and the GOP needs to win all three to take control of the state Senate. The Republicans will take any advantage they can get, even if the party had nothing to do with this.

In CD3, Republicans gained 531 voters, a boon to Rep. Joe Heck.

And in CD4, which will only become comeptitive if a miraculous GOP wave occurs, Cresent Hardy, making a quixotic bid against Rep. Steven Horsford, has to be pleased that Republicans cut the huge gap by 1,181 voters. (Horsford still has about a 30,000-vote edge.)

Why did this happen?

"We cross checked records again with the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC), which helps us identify voters who have died, or may have moved within the state, out of the state, or who have duplicate registrations in other states or counties," Registrar Joe Gloria told me. "As a result we identified some voters who needed to be canceled and a number of voters who were inactivated pending a response from them to update their record with us."