Democrats are dodging questions about Hillary and email probe

Since I am a fun guy to have at parties, when the Democrats held a "we are unfied" presser Wednesday, I decided to ask the federal candidates pounding Donald Trump about their own backing of a woman involved in an FBI probe.

This came after 20 minutes of a "news" conference bereft of any news. Democratic Chair Roberta Lange, Senate hopeful Catherine Cortez Masto, congressional contenders Jacky Rosen and Ruben Kihuen and legislative leaders Aaron Ford and Irene Bustamante-Adams hyped their chances, pummeled the opposition and gleefully invoked Trump.  It was all rah-rah stuff, designed for the cameras (there were plenty, including Spanish-language TV).


Afterwards, I asked Kihuen, Rosen and Cortez Masto how they felt about having a nominee in Hillary Clinton, whose use of a personal email server has drawn the FBI's interest.

I have interviewed a lot of politicians, but I don't think I have ever experienced such quicksilver pivoting. None wanted to answer my simple question about whether they had any concerns about Clinton's server use being subject to a federal probe. All immediately told me that voters don't care, there are more important issues, blah, blah, blah.

Kihuen finally offered up (third try) when I pressed him on being concerned: "I'm not."

Rosen (third try) finally said, "These questions are yet to be determined. They are a distraction from the issues."

Cortez Masto (third try), a former attorney general, went the furthest, and finally said after saying unlike Trump "she is not a racist" and so on: "She's already come out and said she used poor judgment. She did use poor judgment."

I am sure the topic will never come up again.