Democratic gubernatorial also-rans tell SOS that nominee Goodman will withdraw

Nevada Democrats better watch out or someone might start to make fun of them.

It's bad enough that "None of the Above" won the gubernatorial primary. It's worse that the second-place finisher and de facto nominee Bob Goodman celebrated by going to....the Philippines.

And now, two of the other also-rans have let the secretary of state's office know that Goodman plans to withdraw and not run against Gov. Brian Sandoval. Yes, I am serious.

According to emails I have obtained, Stephen Frey, whose biggest claim to fame is advocating for marijuana legalization wherever he goes, and Allen Rheinhart, best known for sending interminable and odd emails to many people, assert Goodman has told them he wants to "resign" his nomination. Wrote Rheinart to Frye:  "(Goodman) states clearly in the email he wants you to replace him and that he has notified the national media and the SOS of this new turn of events. Congratulations on your victory"

Um, no.

First of all, Goodman remains in Asia and has not confirmed any of this. (I emailed him, but no response yet.)

Second, if Goodman indeed decides not to run, Frye, who finished third with a robust 11 percent, does not become the nominee. Better get some weed to assuage the pain, doc.

As SOS elections expert Scott Gilles explained in an email to the staff on Wednesday, the office has not been notified by Goodman of anything, and that the law is clear that if the nomination is vacated between the election and the last Friday of the month -- wait for it -- the nomination can only be filled "if the candidate dies or is adjudicated mentally insane." 


After Friday, it's no dice either way -- the name remains on the ballot.

If Goodman never returns from Asia, though, the office would be declared vacant if he were elected.

Oh, one minor point: HE HAS NO CHANCE TO BE ELECTED.

I can't imagine how rational and sane Democrats are reacting to all of this.