Democratic attorneys generals group prepares NV-based funding effort

The wave of outside spending in Nevada's attorney general's race began last year when the State Government Leadership Foundation began an effort to tarnish Secretary of State Ross Miller.

The group has set up a website and ran hundreds of thousands of dollars in ads this year.

Now, the other side has signaled it plans to invest to help Miller -- or perhaps hurt his GOP foe, Adam Laxalt. The Democratic Attorneys General Association, which has set up similar organizations in other states, apparently has helped erect the Silver State Committee for Justice and Fairness last week. The PAC obviously will be a vehicle for outside spending, which may eclipse what the two candidates raise.

I tried to get a comment from DAGA and from the PAC's treasurer, Carrie Schuyler, the only officer listed. But no luck.

UPDATED, 6:45 PM: Schuyler is an operative well known for erecting such organizations, according to this Free Beacon piece.

The provenance is obvious, and one source confirmed it is an AG race IE. The names of DAGA IEs in Arizona and Vermont give it away. Consistency is the hobgoblin of lesser PACs, I suppose.

I wonder who will help ensure this outfit is funded. I guess I'll have to Reid about it later in the year.