The degeneration of the Adelson News continues

Tonight, the Las Vegas Review-Journal posted on its site not a story, not a brief, but this:

"Motion filed in Jacobs lawsuit against Las Vegas Sands Corp."

A headline, a short paragraph about the motion in a case about a case involving the paper's owner, Sheldon Adelson, and no elaboration or background.

If you click on the link to the motion, filed by the ex-employee of Adelson and with serious allegations about what happened with the man ousted from RJ leadership, it is heavily redacted, too (UPDATED: Redactions done by attorneys, I'm told, because deposition is under seal.)

This is a newspaper? No, it is not.

Why are any of those editors still there?

Stories killed and gutted. Stories played up to benefit the owner. Gushing editorials reversing previous positions to benefit the owner.

And now this abomination?

Game over.