DCCC goes after Heck on sequester

If there were any doubt that national (and local) Democrats won't leave Rep. Joe Heck alone for the next 600 days, a new robocall campaign on the sequester will end any doubts.

After near-daily releases from the Nevada Democratic Party assailing Nevada's swing-district congressman, the Democratic Congressional Committee todays strats a call trying to press Heck on the sequester.

Yes, you need to suspend any memories of where the sequester came from or of who (just about everyone) voted for it. But you get the point.

Transcript below -- audio attached.



Hello. This is Jennifer calling from the DCCC. On March 1st, America’s middle class is going to pay a terrible price because Congressman Joe Heck backed a sequester plan that will eliminate more than 2 million jobs, slow our economy and may drive us back into a recession. 

It can be stopped. Congress can pass a balanced plan that reduces the deficit with smart spending cuts, ends tax breaks for millionaires and closes wasteful tax loopholes for Big Oil companies that are already making record profits.

But Congressman Heck refuses. He won’t compromise on a solution for the middle class because he is protecting tax breaks for the well-off and well-connected.  These cuts will be devastating and could set us back for a generation.

Unfortunately, Congressman Heck is siding with the worst kind of Tea Party dysfunction and partisanship in Washington, instead of solving problems and protecting the middle class.

Press 1 right now if you’d like me to connect you directly with Congressman Heck to demand that he gets behind a plan to end the sequester and put the middle class ahead of millionaires and corporate special interests.