Culinary will endorse in CD4 on Thursday, almost certainly will go to Kihuen

The Culinary union on Thursday plans to conduct a vote on its endorsement in a crowded Democratic primary for GOP Rep. Cresent Hardy's seat, and a flyer sent to members makes it clear the leadership favors state Sen. Ruben Kihuen.

Rarely have I seen a flyer that so obviously makes it clear -- look at it below. Three of the candidates have face shots while Kihuen, anointed by Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, is seen....on a union picket line. And look at the description of Kihuen compared to the others -- twice as long and highlighting his union bonafides.

It's no surprise the union would endorse Kihuen. But this is quite the blatant move.

Subtlety, they name ain't the Culinary.