Culinary, progressives to LGBT center: Don't honor UFC

As part of its ongoing campaign against Station Casinos & Friends, the Culinary union has opened a new front, with a letter saying it is "alarmed" that the local gay and lesbian center is honoring the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Invoking homophobic comments made by UFC fighters and boss Dana White, the Culinary, with progressive and labor co-signers, has asked the Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Nevada not to award the UFC its "Corporation of the Year" honor.

The letter, which is attached here, also mentions a donation the UFC made to the center in advance of the award, which an anti-Culinary site reports is $200,000.

Among those who signed on: Ruben Murillo of the teachers union, PLAN's Bob Fulkerson and the Lambda Business Association.

This is going to blow up, folks, especially with this town hall. We have the union's secretary-treasurer and the spokesman for a new anti-union group on "Ralston Reports" Monday evening, too. This may come up.