Culinary plans first picket on Strip in more than a decade

UPDATE: The Culinary has settled the economic issues with Margaritaville, so the picket line will only be at the Cosmopolitan.


The Culinary union is planning to picket the Cosmopolitan and Margaritaville properties on the Las Vegas Strip on Thursday, an indication that negotiations are at a stalemate.

I first reported this for premium subscribers of the site Sunday, part of its “Stations Cancer on the Strip” campaign. But now I have obtained a flyer (attached here) that shows how the union is using the Cosmo's ownership by Deutsche Bank to pressure the resort as well.

"This is going to be a big fight," one union source told me.

The union has settled major economic issues with MGM Resorts and Caesars Entertainment -- essentially a 15-cent deal per hour for workers -- but has settled with no one except the "D" downtown, an ominous sign there, too.