Culinary parent launches new Obamacare site

Two months before the general election, UNITE HERE has erected a new site with a quixotic name: "Fixing Obamacare: An Honest Discussion."

The site contains a column by the union's leader, D. Taylor, who has been very critical of the Obama Administration, but also has sections criticizing the GOP. The union appears to have an eye toward 2016 here but the impact could be felt in 2014, where Democrats had hoped the deleterious political effects of Obamacare had subsided.

"We also know the conversation about fixing Obamacare will continue into the 2016 election cycle," Taylor wrote on the site in a piece also posted on Huffington Post. "We look forward to discussing our concerns and suggestions with candidates for President who are looking for our support. Same goes for Senators who are up in 2016."

The site goes live in advance of two visits by Hillary Clinton to Nevada -- once on Thursday for the Clean Energy Summit and again on Oct. 13 for that speech to the UNLV Foundation. Remember the history: The Culinary endorsed Barack Obama in 2008, and the Clintons were very upset and tried to squelch union influence in the caucus. Hillary technically won the state by 5 percentage points, but Obama took home more delegates, 13-12.

Taylor told me this morning: 

The conversation about Obamacare has been caught up in a partisan war for the past couple years. But, it's clear that law is here to stay. Now, we need to focus on fixing the Affordable Care Act so it works as intended. This conversation is going to take us into 2016 and beyond. That's what anyone looking for UNITE HERE's support should be prepared to discuss.

Subtle, ain't he?