Culinary begins airing Spanish-language radio ad in advance of debate

The Culinary union, which has been lobbying for an end to the so-called Cadillac tax in Obamacare, began a Spanish-language radio ad today targeting the Democratic presidential candiodates in advance of next week's debate.

It mentions a Republican (Dean Heller) friendly to the cause and takes a pretty tough line.


The script:

We welcome the Democratic candidates for President to Las Vegas...where we live and work and raise our families.


Democrats haven't welcomed us in Washington.  When we asked them please don't tax our health benefits... they called our health benefits a Cadillac.  This is ignorant.


We work hard and took less pay to protect health benefits for our families.  That is not a Cadillac.  It is a sacrifice.


Thank God, as Democratic candidates, you say you will stop the tax on our health benefits when you are President.  


Promises are good.  Actions are better.


Nevada's Republican Senator Dean Heller and Democratic Congresswoman Dina Titus are trying to end the tax now.  You can help them  


Democrats haven't welcomed us in Washington... but we welcome your help in Nevada.


Paid for by Culinary Union 226