Cook Report: Nevada has gone blue, won't be critical in 2016

Cook Report National Editor Amy Walter has said what Republicans in Nevada have learned the hard way: Nevada is a blue state.

In a piece posted Friday, Walter argues that Pennsylvania is the much better bet for the GOP in 2016. The headline on the email she sent out:  "Sorry Nevada and Colorado: Pennsyvlania Is Key For GOP In 2016"

In a chart linked in the column, Walter shows how Nevada has moved 6 points in a key measure of partisan voting behavior.

She writes: The Romney campaign spent $8.9M on broadcast TV in Nevada during the general election to get 46 percent of the vote. In Pennsylvania, the Romney campaign spent a paltry $2.4M and got 47 percent. In other words, Team Romney spent four times as much in Nevada as they did in Pennsylvania, to get essentially the same percentage of the vote. Now, imagine that the money invested in Pennsylvania came earlier--and more intensely.

With the overwhelming registration edge and results here -- President Obama twice, Harry Reid in 2010 and Shelley Berkley almost in 2012 (the machine almost pulled her through), as well as down-ballot results, it's hard to disagree that Nevada is now a blue state.