Class-action suit filed against Washington Post political writers by people of the State of Nevada

Attorney of record: Gov. Brian Sandoval

Governor's Mansion

Carson City, NV

Jon Ralston, on behalf of the people of the great state of Nevada,
The Fix, a supposedly knowledgeable political reporting enterprise
Case No.: 001


Plaintiff Jon Ralston brings forth the following causes of action and alleges the following:

  1. Jon Ralston is an individual and resident of  Henderson, NV.
  2. The Fix is a few know-it-alls who reside in Washington, DC.
  3. On or about January 11, 2013, The Fix conspired to write a "piece of journalism" called: "The Ten Most Interesting States in Politics";
  4. On or about January 11, 2013, The Fix declined to include Nevada anywhere on that list, an obvious, glaring and grievous omission

Plaintiff brings forth the following counts and allegations supporting his cause of action:


Defendants failed to perform the duties for which they are paid by The Washington Post. The defendants failed to recognize the overwhelming body of evidence suggesting Nevada is not just one of the Top 10 most interesting states when it comes to politics, but is THE most interesting state. Five recent examples should suffice:

1. Harry Reid. Hello? The most powerful guy ever from the state is one of the most powerful guys in DC. And he says all kinds of crazy stuff, including once praising the president for not speaking in a "Negro dialect." He has also called a president a "liar" and a "loser." His survival in 2010 and the political machine he built to save him are two of the most, yes, interesting stories in political history.

2. John Ensign. He had an affair with his best friend's wife who was also his wife's best friend. That alone should qualify Nevada for inclusion. But then he had his parents pay off the cuckold while he tried to get him jobs. When it became public, he refused to resign and was considering a bid for re-election until the ethics committee made it clear it would punish him.

3. Jim Gibbons. Really? Isn't he enough? In the last 10 days of his campaign for governor, he was accused of having an illegal nanny, accepting a bribe and assaulting a cocktail waitress. And he won! Then, he was found to have had texted a woman hundreds of times as governor, and when confronted with her at the Reno airport, she dodged into a bathroom and he told the reporter, "You are full of shit." He made Mark Sanford look like a piker.

4. Operation G-Sting. The name itself should qualify us. A majority (!) of Clark County commissioners became enmeshed in a bribery scandal with a strip club boss. Three of them went to prison; the other turned state's evidence, then went to prison. There was sex and money involved. It was revoltingly sordid and sadly comical.

5. Gov. Brian Sandoval. He has been an assemblyman and attorney general, a federal judge and now governor. He left the bench to run for governor and defeated Harry Reid's kid in a landslide. He is not even 50 and is being touted as a future national star. He may not be that interesting, but his future sure is. Just ask Sen. Reid.


The state has produced some nationally interesting people. For instance: Pat McCarran was a red-baiter and Senate potentate; Paul Laxalt was Ronald Reagan's close friend when he was in the Senate, briefly ran for president and sued a newspaper that accused him of skimming for libel and won; and Frank Fahrenkopf went from Reno to the RNC general chairmanship to head of the gaming lobby in DC. Interesting? We think so.


The last three cycles, no other state can match this: Nevada was a presidential battleground, attracting many visits and much media attention, had two fascinating Senate races and....Sharron Angle. You remember, Sharron Angle: Hispanics look like Asians. Second Amendment remedies. She talked with God before running. Does the Fix not think this is interesting?


WHEREFORE, Plaintiff seeks compensatory damages in the form of a retraction of previous piece and replacement with Nevada listed and a personal apology to the aggrieved people (especially political reporters) of Nevada.

Dated this 11th day of January, 2013