Clark County commissioners consider item on Collins' behavior

One day after Clark County Commissioner Tom Collins referred to some Utahns as "inbred bastards" and warned of violence if they came to support rogue rancher Cliven Bundy, his colleagues were mulling whether it's time for an intervention.

Collins' bellicose comments were first exposed on a website designed to support Bundy. Collins confirmed to me that he made the comments to Piute County Commissioner Darin Bushman, but said he was only concerned about violence.

"He called me yesterday morning he asked all the usual questions about states rights," Collins said in an email. "and said over 100 'cowboys' from his and surrounding counties were coming to bundy's with guns loaded. I explained how well armed the BLM rangers are and humorously said I hope‎ they have funeral plans paid for. That didn't seem to matter. We exchanged words. I did say they were inbred bastards and to mind their own business and turn there fking ass around. I don't want any violence here."

Collins then unleashed a bizarre performance on "News 3 at 7" and disgorged some odd tweets afterward. Those are posted below, along with my tweets about what he said on television.

That all may have been the final straw for some of Collins' colleagues, who have been alternately concerned and angry about his erratic behavior for months. So an item was being prepared for next week's meeting to discuss his behavior, which is unprecedented and could get contentious.

"The word 'censure' was not used, but an item to address his abusive and erratic behavior was discussed," one county insider told me.

I am sure some of the commissioners will balk, preferring not to air dirty laundry in public. But some of them are quite fired up, I understand.

These tweets are all from Tuesday evening -- the first three are mine about his KSNV appearance; the rest are his after he got off the air.