Clark County commissioner: "Tree huggers," forestry officials responsible for Mt. Charleston fire


UPDATE, 7/9: The tree huggers have responded: "Carpenter Fire is a Tragedy and so is Collins' Leadership" It is scathing.



You never know what might come out of Tom Collins' mouth. Or on his Twitter feed. Or in an email.

The latest from the county commissioner and potential lieutenant governor candidate: Enviros and forestry service officials are responsible for the awful Mt. Charleston fire. If only cows were still allowed to roam there, he suggested.

Oh, yes. He did.

In response to a county internal update on the fire Saturday, Collins responded to the email (that I have obtained):

"I remember when Owens , Young , Greenoughs, Adams, Dawsons, and others grazed these areas. We never had this size of uncontrolled fires. God curse the tree huggers and the NFS"

Um, what?

I asked Collins what he was talking about.

He told me: "The more the public is restricted from forest access the bigger the fires ! Fact"

Oh? And why is the forestry service to blame?

Collins: "Closing roads etc"

Got that, folks?