Candidate makes outlandish claims; "newspaper" fails to challenge any of them

Yes, we already knew Mark Hutchison and Brian Sandoval are the same person.

But when the state senator, who has a bad case of loving the governor, came under the withering gaze of the Las Vegas Review-Journal's editorial board, which may have presented him with its endorsement on the spot, the GOP lieutenant governor's hopeful uttered all kinds of nonsense that the crack journalists did not challenge.

To wit:

►"Hutchison talked as if he and Sandoval would enjoy a governing partnership with the governor possibly delegating issues for him to take on." Yes, I'm sure the governor will give Hutchison a LOT of authority. Which, by the way, he does not have the power to do. And wouldn't anyhow. What kinds of things? The RJ apparently wasn't interested.

"During the 2013 legislative session, Hutchison noted, the governor was able to pump another $500 million into education funding..." This is utterly misleading. And the RJ either knows or should know this. That figure is a mirage. Nearly $400 million of it was from the cost of additional students, benefit increases and roll-up costs. It is pure propaganda, allowed to stand.

►"As an example, he said the Sandoval team would find revenue to increase education spending..." Oh? Where? Don't ask; don't tell.

The lede of the story is not backed up by anything in the story: "State Sen. Mark Hutchison says he and GOP Gov. Brian Sandoval will propose a package of education reforms — from ending social promotion to giving parents a choice about whether to send their children to taxpayer-subsidized private schools — in exchange for increasing K-12 spending."

By the way, that's also not news. Why? Because that's what Sandoval proposed last session. And, amazing as it may seem, without Hutchison's help.

The quality of journalism is not strained.

That story should have had a disclaimer at top: Paid for by Mark Hutchison