Brooks pal Barlow endorses Hispanic hopeful for former assemblyman's seat (updated with other applicants)


SECOND UPDATE: Mujahid Ramadan, a longtime activist who worked for Gov. Bob Miller and Sen. Harry Reid, has applied. As an African-American who has been at the forefront of many issues, he could be a factor. I have attached his application here.

UPDATED: I have also attached resumes for other applicants, including ex-North Las Vegas Councilman William Robinson's son.


Las Vegas Councilman Ricki Barlow is urging Clark County commissioners to appoint former city employee Meli Pulido to fill expelled Assemblyman Steven Brooks' seat.

Pulido has told commissioners she also has support from the Hispanic caucus, and has mentioned that Brooks is half-Hispanic.

I have said that racial politics would surface in this, but I did not guess that an African-American councilman, who became embroiled in the Brooks controversy, would recommend a Hispanic contender. Brooks' mother told me on "Ralston Reports" that despite my skepticism, Barlow has been a great friend to her son and tried to get him help long before he was first arrested.

Assembly leaders have indicated they want a minority in a district that has had a minority representative for nearly a decade and a half, while the Culinary has endorsed ex-police union lobbyist Michelle Jotz (she's white), whose application I have attached here along with Pulido's.

Pulido's application includes a gushing letter from Barlow, and strong recommendations from others, too. Her name was forwarded to Carson City leaders by active members of the Hispanic community. Note that Pulido said she plans to run while Jotz says she is unsure.

So you have a Hispanic-dominated union supporting the white candidate, and an African-American councilman backing the Latina hopeful.

This could get very interesting before tomorrow's deadline -- well-regarded county employee Tyrone Thompson (he's African-American) also has applied -- and the commission's expected vote next week.

(A point I cannot avoid making: The grammar in the letter from Barlow is atrocious, and Pulido's is not much better. I may be the only one who cares.)