Brooks: "I want a book deal"

He said he was joking, but that was one of the lines Assemblyman Steven Brooks gave me during a brief phone call this morning.

Brooks texted me and said, "Call me. Now."

That was after a series of texts that began at 1:41 AM. He simply texted my name and when I respodned this morning, he rejoined: "Luv ya."

Yes, that happened.

Then, this morning, he texted me that "MK" (Speaker Marilyn Kirkpatrick) was the cause of all of this and then asked me to call him. He said she is out to get him because "he challenged her" at a November caucus meeting.

Here's how the conversation went:

Brooks: "You've been my worst critic. I thought you were a Democrat, but yoiu didn't give me the time of day, so I didn't give it to you."

I asked him to talk now.

Brooks: "If you want to talk to me, talk to my lawyer. And I want a book deal. (Pause) Just playin''"

Brooks then said I would have to wait until his press conference on the 28th (that's Monday) and told me I "really don't know what happened" at that caucus meeting in November.

I asked him to tell me, but then a voice in the background said, "That's not a reporter, is it?"

Brooks: "Yeah, it's Ralston."


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