Breaking: Democrats now have 65,000-voter lead over GOP; new TV buys for Patriot Majority, others

The Democrats have extended their registration lead to about 65,000 voters over the Republicans, continuing an inexorable stretching of a lead that could make the difference in November in critical races.

To put this in perspective, the Democrats had lost so much of their lead -- once at 100,000-plus statewide in the halcyon days of 2008 -- that it was down to 37,000 voters in January. It now appears the Democrats may double that lead by the time registration closes in three weeks.

These numbers are not determinative. But considering I have been told by those who have seen numbers that the president is leading among independents, a strong base turnout could put the president over the top and drag down-ticket folks to victory -- even those who don't deserve to win. (Not sure you know who you are...)

---In other news, some candidates and groups have made buys in the last few days:

OFA, Team Berkley and Patriot Majority ( a k a The Harry Reid Front Group) all have beefed up buys in the state, with this new "Nevada Greed" ad attacking the Koch Bros.

In a key state Senate race, Sheila Leslie had 10/22-11/5 booked, but started a buy this week and may have enough money to add all of the weeks leading up to what is already placed.