Bloomberg's anti-gun group starts huge buy Tuesday to pressure Heller


Mayors Against Illegal Guns, which is funded by New York's Michael Bloomberg, begins a statewide ad campaign Tuesday designed to induce Sen. Dean Heller to soften on guns.

I doubt it will work -- Heller is not up until 2018, and despite his metamorphosis on other issues, I don't see him morphing much on guns. But the group is spending a small fortune for a buy through April 6 for ads personalized for Heller that look like this.

According to figures in the public FCC file, here are some of the totals so far, including more than $300,000 in the Vegas market:

KSNV (NBC) -- $127,000

KLAS (CBS) -- $91,000

KTNV (ABC) -- $51,000

Now if Bloomberg would agree to do an ad backing "No Budget, No Pay," it might be a different story.