Big water rate hike coming?

UPDATE: Guy Hobbs, the numbers guru who advised the panel, tells me that while the commdoity rate is going up by 60 percent, it is muted by other factors in the bill. That is, the commeodity rate is only a component of the bill, so it will be partially absorbed by others.

He estimates the highest residential increases at about 13 or 14 percent. That will still cause some eyebrow-raising, but perhaps not head-exploding.

Take a look at the appendices of the report here, espcially Appendix I, for some sample estimates. And, of course, this is an advisory report.




A major Southern Nevada water rate increase is coming if recommendations by an advisory group are followed.

The increase, which could occur next year or be phased in by 2016, could be 60 percent or more for some ratepayers.

Here's an excerpt from the report, which I have posted here:

Increase the Commodity Charge $.18 per 1,000 gallons (from $.30 to $.48) to meet 50

percent of annual revenue requirements in the target year 2017 and increase the

Infrastructure Charge to meet the other half of annual revenue requirements...."

I wonder if this will become an issue in Campaign '14, he said innocently.