Assemblyman Brooks taken to hospital for pysch evaluation

Troubled Assemblyman Steven Brooks was taken by Metro Police to a local hospital late Friday for a pyschological evalutation, law enforcement sources confirmed.

The evaluation, known as a Legal 2000, is done to determine whether the person is a threat to himself or others.

This began this afternoon when Brooks, who had so-called dignitary protection from Legislative Police, was at a relative's house (believed to be a grandmother), when he began exhibiting what a law enforcement source called "bizarre behavior." (It is believed, befitting the weirdness of this whole story, that a sword was involved.)

The capital cops called Metro, who responded to the scene in northwest Las Vegas, where Brooks was exhibiting odd behavior. He was not placed under arrest, but taken to a local hopsital for evaluation.

"The majority of time people are released real quick," a police source told me. "But hopefully after looking at his history, he will be held over."

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