Anthony keeps switching messages; turnout low, Democratic

UPDATED, 2:45 PM: Now Her Honor has a new ad, with an endorsement from a former first lady.




After two days of early voting, if Las Vegas Councilman Stavros Anthony expected a high GOP turnout to fuel an upset, it's not happening.

And while he has a couple of spots that have aired that could resonate, he regularly changes traffic, including to respond to Mayor Carolyn Goodman's ad about his naysaying. Her Honor also has a much larger buy than Anthony does -- by 4 to 1 a week.

In Anthony's ads, which you can see below, he does not say his name. Must be all of that name recognition for his easy-to-remember name.

I actually think the "Change the Mayor" spot and the one with the infamous Goodman town hall rant could be very effective if they were running on their own with enough gross rating points.

Turnout may have set a record on the first day, but in Las Vegas after two days, it is very low. A total of 2,675 have gone to the polls while 2,150 have voted by mail. Of those 4,800 voters (out of 240,000 registered), the Democrats have 46 percent and Republicans 39 percent. So if Republican Anthony was hoping for Beersian peeps to turn out, it ain't happening.

Don't forget two mayoral debates I am moderating: Friday on "Ralston Live" and a week from today at Sun City Summerlin.

Here are Anthony's ads: