Another big property manager threatens renters with hikes if margin tax passes

First it was Camden Properties trying to frighten residents not to vote for the margin tax.

Corporate officials eventually backed off, saying an overly zealous Vegas local sent it out.

But Monday, Ovation Property Management, another Vegas apartment giant, followed suit, with this missive to its residents, which was the usual Chicken Little stuff and also elevated Speaker Marilyn Kirkpatrick to Congress:




To Our Valued Residents:


As you are probably aware, the November 4, 2014 ballot contains a question asking Nevada voters to approve a 2% margin tax on the gross revenues of businesses. This would mean that a portion of your rents would be used to pay this tax.  While we care deeply about education, many prominent pro-education community leaders from both political parties agree that the proposed tax structure is flawed. Governor Brian Sandoval, Representative Marilyn Kirkpatrick, State Representative Lucy Flores and former Mayor Oscar Goodman have all come out against the proposal as have a long list of local organizations.


This is not a proposed tax on profits; it is a tax on the total amount of revenue a business receives before paying all of its expenses – and businesses would be required to pay this tax even if they are not profitable. The increases in operating costs incurred by businesses would eventually result in higher prices for consumers. 


As our longtime residents know, we have never contacted you regarding any political issues.  In this case, however, we think our residents should understand the impact this tax would have on the cost of their housing.


When deciding how to vote, we encourage you to consider the impact the proposed tax would have on local businesses and consumers.