Angle sets up state-level PAC to "support conservative candidates"



UPDATE, 4:45 PM: I just got off the phone with Sharron Angle. She confirmed that the new PAC will be active this cycle, and it already has its first event planned, with sessions on lobbying, the Constitution, immigration and....election integrity. " The latter is her new hobbyhorse, and that section is called: "Protecting against Election Corruption"

The others:

"Applying the Constitution to influence elected officials"

"Citizenship and green cards for the undocumented (what's legal now) in Spanish"

"Lobbying (Influencing your elected officials)

"The purpose is more educational," Angle said of the PAC. But, she added, the PAC will endorse candidates in the primary -- I know some Republicans in the Legislature who might be nervous (or not).

Angle also has a federal PAC, which prevents her from running, she said. But if she steps down, she might run this cycle or next.

"I haven't ruled that out," she said of 2014. But, I asked mischievously, what about a rematch with Harry Reid in 2016? "2016 is a long ways off," she told me. "Everything is possible in my life."



A few days after she told a rural newspaper she wouldn't rule out another U.S. Senate bid, Sharron Angle filed papers with the secretary of state to start a political action committee.

The filing, attached here, is for a PAC called the Nevada Republican Assembly, which used to exist with different officers but has been taken over by Angle, who is listed as the president.

What does it mean?

It means she plans to raise money.

It means she plans, as the filing says, "to support conservative candidates for office."

It means she may run herself.

It means: SHE'S BACK!

(I'm trying to find her.)