Adelson contributions to Cruz may not mean much

The fourth quarter contributions from Sheldon and Miriam Adelson to Ted Cruz made news the last few days, but they have not been exclusive.

They are still dating until they decide to unload soft money to either Marco Rubio or Cruz -- or both. I heard long ago from someone who knows that they would spread personal money around to several candidates but would wait until the race shakes out a little before unleashing the seven-figure contributions.

They made other maximum personal donations ($2,700) last year to three other candidates.

To wit:

►In March 2015, Lindsey Graham (remember him?) got money.

In June 2015, Rubio got money.

► In November 2015, Jeb Bush also got money. (I was unable to confirm these contributions on the FEC site or with the Bush campaign, but an Adelson aide insists they occurred on Nov. 6)

One ironic note to all of this is that Sheldon Adelson tried to stop Cruz from ever getting into the U.S. Senate. Just four years ago, Adelson gave $250,000 to a SuperPAC trying to defeat Cruz in that Senate primary.

That was then....