Adam Laxalt: I may open the door to run for AG

Adam Laxalt, the grandson of the former senator and whose mother recently revealed is the son of ex-Sen. Pete Domenici, has been approached about running for attorney general.

"A number of different people have approached me to encourage me to run (or at least look at the race) but that is all," Laxalt, whose mother is Paul Laxalt's daughter, Michelle, told me via email. " I must say that running for attorney general was definitely not on my radar when this occurred. With a new baby and a growing legal career, I have not had the time to evaluate this very serious public service."

Laxalt, as countless before him, would not tell me who put the AG bug in his ear. I continue to believe that there are these great marauding Approachers, a secret society that gathers before each election season to solicit people to run -- either that, or people think it looks too egomaniacal to say they are considering an office but believe it sounds better to say they were approached.

What's clear to me is that there is a Stop Ross Miller Now caucus in the GOP, a group of folks who think the secretary of state must be beaten before he gets into what could be a steppingstone office to follow in his father's footsteps as governor. That is, he is much easier to defeat as a SOS running for AG than as an AG running for governor.

But with no commitment from state Sens. Michael Roberson (seeking re-election) and Greg Brower (commitment issues), I'm not surprised GOP interests have sought out Laxalt the Younger. And he all but mentioned the SRMN caucus: "Since this is a very important job that I think should not be ceded to Ross Miller, I have not closed the door but nor have I personally opened it. I will decide to explore or shut the door completely hopefully in the next few weeks."

Speaking of commitment....

Laxalt the Younger was thrust into the national news in February when his mother revealed he is Domenici's illegitimate son. I heard from GOP insiders at the time who speculated his mother was clearing the way for her son's political career by taking the issue off the table.

The race does have potential: Son of the state's longest-serving governor vs. grandson of a former governor and senator, who was President Reagan's best friend.

But Laxalt the Younger doesn't seem that interested. Yet.